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Collapse <b oncontextmenu='SetID(1000, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>1000 General</b>1000 General
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(1100, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>1100 Development Framework plan1100 Development Framework plan
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(1200, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>1200 Town Planning (Layout planning1200 Town Planning (Layout planning
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(1300, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>1300 Urban Planning (Detail planning)1300 Urban Planning (Detail planning)
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(1400, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>1400 Engineering Co-ordination1400 Engineering Co-ordination
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(1500, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>1500 Landscaping1500 Landscaping
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(1600, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>1600 Signage1600 Signage
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(1700, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>1700 Dispute Adjudication Board1700 Dispute Adjudication Board
1800 Procure Consultants
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20301, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>1900-00 Statutory Approvals1900-00 Statutory Approvals
Collapse <b oncontextmenu='SetID(2000, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>2000 Property_Management</b>2000 Property_Management
2100 Initial IDZ survey
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(2200, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>2200 Imagery2200 Imagery
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20292, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>2002-00 Spluma_Applications2002-00 Spluma_Applications
2003-00 Mining Operations within the SEZ
Collapse <b oncontextmenu='SetID(3000, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>3000 Buildings and Facilities</b>3000 Buildings and Facilities
3010 Coega School
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(3650, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>3500 IDZ Entrances3500 IDZ Entrances
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(3700, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>3700 Fencing3700 Fencing
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(3751, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>3751 Joorst Park3751 Joorst Park
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(3753, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>3753 Construction Village Phase 1a3753 Construction Village Phase 1a
3754 CDC Office Construction
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(3756, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>3756 RIC Extensions3756 RIC Extensions
3800 Emergency Service Centre
3752 Recruitment Centre
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20159, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>3758 Vulindlela Retail Centre3758 Vulindlela Retail Centre
3020 Bluewater Beach Hotel
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20164, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>3100 CDC_Office_Building3100 CDC_Office_Building
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20166, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>3200 Construction_Village3200 Construction_Village
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20172, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>3030 BPO Tenants3030 BPO Tenants
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20305, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>3300 Fueling Facility/ Staging3300 Fueling Facility/ Staging
Collapse <b oncontextmenu='SetID(4000, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>4000 Materials</b>4000 Materials
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(4100, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>4100 Geotech4100 Geotech
4200 Borrow and Spoil
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(4300, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>4300 Materials Laboratory4300 Materials Laboratory
5000 Maritime
Collapse <b oncontextmenu='SetID(6000, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>6000 Transport</b>6000 Transport
6100 MR435 Ph1
6110 MR435 Ph2 Construction
6120 MR435 Ph3 (link to N2)
6200 Inter-modal Bus/Taxi Facilities
6341 Design
6351 N2 Upgr Ph1 St George to Coega River/Hougham Pk Intersection
6352 Neptune Road
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(6355, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>6355 MR450 upgrade6355 MR450 upgrade
6751 Neptune Interchange
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(6752, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>6752 N2 Coega Bridge6752 N2 Coega Bridge
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(6753, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>6753 Hougham Park Interchange6753 Hougham Park Interchange
6754 N2 East Interchange
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(6755, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>6755 Hougham Park Zone 7//10 Access Road6755 Hougham Park Zone 7//10 Access Road
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(6756, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>6756 N2 Coega River to Eastern border6756 N2 Coega River to Eastern border
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(6757, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>6757 N2 Bridge Approach/Salt Works Bridge6757 N2 Bridge Approach/Salt Works Bridge
6800 Airport Cluster
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(6900, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>6900 Rail6900 Rail
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20289, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>6101 Transport Impact Assessment (TIA)6101 Transport Impact Assessment (TIA)
Collapse <b oncontextmenu='SetID(7000, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>7000 Stormwater</b>7000 Stormwater
7100 Master Plan Zones 1-5
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(7200, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>7200 Coega River Flood Control - planning7200 Coega River Flood Control - planning
7300 Masterplan update Zones 6-14
7400 Stormwater Sea Outlet
Collapse <b oncontextmenu='SetID(8000, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>8000 Water</b>8000 Water
8010 Water & Return Effluent Masterplan
8020 Water & Return Effluent Masterplan Update
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(8100, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>8100 MR435 Ring Main8100 MR435 Ring Main
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(8150, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>8150 Colchester line Upgrade8150 Colchester line Upgrade
8200 Coega Kop Reservoirs 1&2
8250 Neptune Main No2
8251 Design Main Ring CK to Z1,2&3 via MR435/MR450
8300 Zone 11/14 Incoming Main (Olifantshoek/Nooitgedagt?)
8400 Water Treatment Plant
8550 Neptune Main
8551 Coega Kop Break Pressure Tank
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(8600, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>8600 Return Effluent Reticulation8600 Return Effluent Reticulation
8700 Water connections
Collapse <b oncontextmenu='SetID(9000, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>9000 Sewer</b>9000 Sewer
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(9300, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>9300 Fishwater Flats System9300 Fishwater Flats System
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(9400, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>9400 Coega Treatment Plant System9400 Coega Treatment Plant System
9200 Coega East Bulk Sewer
9244-00 Rising Main - Zone 7 to Zone 5
Collapse <b oncontextmenu='SetID(10000, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>10000 Electrical</b>10000 Electrical
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(10200, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>10200 Bulk Electrical Zones 1-510200 Bulk Electrical Zones 1-5
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(10300, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>10300 Bulk Electrical Zone 6-1410300 Bulk Electrical Zone 6-14
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(226, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>D10310 Bulk Electrical East of Coega riverD10310 Bulk Electrical East of Coega river
10400-00 ESKOM Grassridge to Dedisa
10401-00 Dedisa Sub Station
11000 Telecomms
12000 Hazwaste
13000 Gas
Collapse <b oncontextmenu='SetID(14000, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>14000 Materials Handling</b>14000 Materials Handling
14209 Cape Concentrates
Collapse <b oncontextmenu='SetID(15000, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>15000 Zone Infill</b>15000 Zone Infill
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(15100, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>15100 Phase 115100 Phase 1
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(15200, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>15200 Zone 0215200 Zone 02
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(15300, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>15300 Zone 0315300 Zone 03
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(15400, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>15400 Zone 0415400 Zone 04
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(15450, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>15450 Zone 0515450 Zone 05
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(15500, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>15500 Zone 0615500 Zone 06
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(15550, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>15550 Zone 07/1015550 Zone 07/10
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(15600, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>15600 Zone 0815600 Zone 08
15650 Zone 09
15750 Zone 11
15800 Zone 12
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(15850, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>15850 Zone 1315850 Zone 13
15900 Zone 14
Collapse <b oncontextmenu='SetID(16000, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>16000 Tenant Services</b>16000 Tenant Services
16010 Metals Unit - Studies and Feasibilities
16040 Sector Specialists - Studies and Feasibilities
16100 Ph1 Civils to Metallurgical Cluster (CAS)
16120 Pump Supply - pump station 1a
16200 Ph2 Civils to Metallurgical Cluster (CAS)
16300 Bush Clearing (CAS)
Collapse <b oncontextmenu='SetID(17000, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17000 Property Development</b>17000 Property Development
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(17200, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17200 Warehouse3 (ex SIRSA/ Acoustics) Phase 1 Zone 3 GU17200 Warehouse3 (ex SIRSA/ Acoustics) Phase 1 Zone 3 GU
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(17201, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17201 Dynamic Commodities (ex SIRSA Phase 2) Zone 3 DC17201 Dynamic Commodities (ex SIRSA Phase 2) Zone 3 DC
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(17202, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17202 Thin Strip Mill Zone 217202 Thin Strip Mill Zone 2
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(17203, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17203 Coega IDZ Service Stations17203 Coega IDZ Service Stations
17204 Ala Scooters
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(17205, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17205 BPO Call Centre Zone 417205 BPO Call Centre Zone 4
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(17206, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17206 Warehouse Zone 117206 Warehouse Zone 1
17207 Warehouse Zone 2
17208 Warehouse Zone 3
17209 Cerebos
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(17210, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17210 Call Centre (Media Centre alterations)17210 Call Centre (Media Centre alterations)
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(17211, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17211 RIC Call Centre Training Facility17211 RIC Call Centre Training Facility
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(17212, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17212 Smiths Plastics17212 Smiths Plastics
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(17213, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17213 Retail Facility Zone 317213 Retail Facility Zone 3
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(17214, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17214 Skills Development Centre17214 Skills Development Centre
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(17215, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17215 Faurecia17215 Faurecia
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(17216, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17216 Rehau17216 Rehau
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(17217, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17217 Grupo Antolin17217 Grupo Antolin
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20102, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17218 Coega Dairy17218 Coega Dairy
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20108, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17219 Kuehne Nagel17219 Kuehne Nagel
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20113, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17229 Agni Steel17229 Agni Steel
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20119, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17221 Rehau Ext17221 Rehau Ext
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20127, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17222 APM Terminals17222 APM Terminals
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20131, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17223 N2 Spec Warehouse Zone117223 N2 Spec Warehouse Zone1
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20137, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17224 Famous Brands17224 Famous Brands
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20140, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17225 Coega Dairy Cheese factory17225 Coega Dairy Cheese factory
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20149, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17226 FAW17226 FAW
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20152, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17227 DCD17227 DCD
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20157, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17228 Vector Logistics17228 Vector Logistics
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20162, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17220 GMSA17220 GMSA
17230 UTI
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20176, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17240 Air Products17240 Air Products
17250 Afrox
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20179, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17260 ID Logistics17260 ID Logistics
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20187, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17270 Multi-purpose Incubator Warehouses17270 Multi-purpose Incubator Warehouses
17280 UTI Semi-knocked down (SKD)
17290-00 Spiral Wrap
17300-00 Lension
17310-00 Dedisa Peaking Power Plant
17320-00 MM Engineering
17330-00 Namascene NPC Product Testing Institute (Redisa)
17340-00 Corromaster
17350-00 Zone 1 South CCA Warehouse
17353-00 Coega Concrete Products (Bosun Bricks)
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20219, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17354-00 Wind Turbines17354-00 Wind Turbines
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20214, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17351-00 PE Cold Storage17351-00 PE Cold Storage
17352-00 EC Biomass
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20224, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17101 Sea Ark Mariculture Facility Zone 1017101 Sea Ark Mariculture Facility Zone 10
17103-00 BAIC
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20232, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17502-00 Sanitech Waco Africa17502-00 Sanitech Waco Africa
17503-00 Osho Cement Grinding Plant
17232-00 Hella
17233-00 AGCO
17302-00 Now Juice
17504-00 Somlolo
17505-00 Dendere
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20266, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17105-00 APLI Container Depot17105-00 APLI Container Depot
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20283, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>17231 Aldo Scribante Racing Circuit17231 Aldo Scribante Racing Circuit
17303-00 HealthCann - Pilot Facility
17801-00 OTGC Tank Farm Zone 8
17106-00 DHL / Mondelez Warehouse
17234-00 ZACPAC-Warehouse Zone 2
17501-00 Kenako Concrete Phase 1
17104-00 MSC Zone 1
17301-01 Akacia Medical
17901-00 Coega Solar PV - Clean Energy Africa
Collapse <b oncontextmenu='SetID(20000, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>20000 Maintenance</b>20000 Maintenance
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20100, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>20100 Road Maintenance20100 Road Maintenance
Collapse <b oncontextmenu='SetID(20145, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>18000 NMBLP</b>18000 NMBLP
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20146, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>18100 Roads18100 Roads
Expand <b  oncontextmenu='SetID(20170, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>18200 Structures18200 Structures
Collapse <b oncontextmenu='SetID(20270, "false", "false");return showmenuie5(event)'>19000 EXTERNAL PROJECTS</b>19000 EXTERNAL PROJECTS
19001-00 Wild Coast SEZ Phase 1